“I want to go where I can be of the most service to the general enterprise.”

– Ezra Cornell

Coaching Services


Scaling Your Business

It can feel daunting to imagine yourself growing your business while still maintaining standards and quality for existing customers. Julien helps you refocus your company operations to make space for growth and provide a strategy to increase profits. He offers insights on new hires, acquisitions, or partners, as well as makes sure all the mindsets for all stakeholders are in alignment with your vision. In addition, he ensures you are working to make your company resilient to any growing pains that may arise.

Jumpstart Your Sales Team

Sluggish sales teams need more than new incentives or fresh recruits, they need aces in their places. Often low sales performance is a symptom of root challenges facing the organization or misalignment among product offerings, sales strategies or management. By tapping Julien’s experience as a sales trainer, you strategize together on the most straightforward changes that lead to the most significant results. This may take the form of placing talent where it can be most effective, empowering teams with new sales techniques, and inspiring them to achieve more than they believe is possible.


Level-Up in Your Career

Typically, when executives strive to move up the next rung on the corporate ladder, it’s not their business acumen or technical ability that impedes their progress. Instead, they often need to adopt the mindset, language and perspective of the role they want to move into, whether that be moving from manager to director, director to VP, or VP to C-level. With Julien at your side, you learn what you need to be successful at the new level, navigate office politics, and strategize on how to win that dream offer you want to achieve.

Break Out On Your Own

Whether it’s building a lifestyle business, a startup that’s set to change the world, or focused geared towards an acquisition, entrepreneurs typically underestimate the amount of influence their attitudes, their perspectives, behaviors, and habits have on their business operations and opportunities for growth. Julien helps you understand any mindsets that may be holding you back, and gives you the tools you need to boost both your business and mental health for success.


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