“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

– Marcus Aurelius

What Creates Successful Outcomes


A Willingness to Take Action

SSuccessful businesses are always in action, moving forward towards their goals. Those that rest, or maintain the status-quo stagnate. Movement is the key to growth and change. Even if an action does not immediately result in the intended outcome, it informs your next move. With Julien at your side, you have the confidence to take steps every day towards your goals.

Viewing Failure as Feedback

When you are in action, some things will work, while others might not. Rather than looking at a mistake or unsuccessful strategy as a failure, you have the choice to see these moments for what they are, opportunities to gather new information that can inform the next action. During your sessions, Julien helps you uncover the learnings behind actions that didn’t work, and supports you in strategizing for the next effort.


Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Just as a muscle needs to be pushed to its limit in order to grow, so does your emotional stamina and subconscious mind. With Julien at your side, you find the courage to set aside your fears and try out something new that might feel psychologically challenging. It’s when you trust the process, and give the mind the space and support it needs to grow, that breakthroughs happen.

Alignment of Surface Goals and Underlying Motivations

Vague intentions like “I’ll try to hit the gym three times this week” are riddled with loopholes. As a wise Jedi once said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Statistically, you are more likely to stick on your path if you understand clearly what your goal is and why you want to accomplish it. Julien helps you uncover any conflicting desires you might have that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals, and line them up in the same direction- once you do, you’ll be an unstoppable force.


Fearless Self-Discovery

Julien’s most successful clients are those that embrace change, and move forward bravely into the unknown of personal growth. In your sessions, Julien guides you through unlocking new abilities and opportunities to make better decisions, elevate your communication skills, increase your leadership influence, improve your productivity, gain greater financial success and much more. By working on your ‘inner game’ you will dissolve the mental roadblocks keeping you from success.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Being accountable means you own your behavior and take responsibility when you fail to honor your commitment to your Future Self. When we break this covenant with ourselves, it’s usually because we are not present to the informing factors of our goals. Without that accountability, one cannot be clear and therefore not powerful. Julien supports you in reframing the factors keeping you from your personal commitments so that you can hold yourself accountable. Those clients who master this form of personal responsibility thrive under Julien’s coaching.


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