“…Self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.”

– Stephen Covey

What to Expect as a Client


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If you are curious to learn if Julien can be an effective coach for you, schedule your complimentary consultation from the Contact page. During this one hour phone or video call, you can discuss what you are looking to achieve in your life or business, learn more about Julien’s coaching style and experience, and determine if he’s a match for you.

Sessions Every Other Week

Enacting change within the subconscious mind requires enough frequency to create momentum, but long-enough rest periods to allow new neural pathways to form and thrive. As a client, you and Julien meet every other week for your main session, which can last for up to one and a half hours. During each session, you review the movement made towards reaching your goals, and reprogram what is still standing in the way. Julien teaches you new skills and techniques as needed, to help you overcome the challenges you are facing.


Opportunities to Touch Base When You Need It

When change is underway, it can feel frightening and overwhelming; this is why Julien makes himself available to you between sessions. During these touch-base meetings you integrate the learnings you received in your main sessions, build momentum and take advantage of changing circumstances.

Whether it’s a quick text conversation or an impromptu coaching call, Julien’s by your side every step of your journey towards self-actualization.

Value-Based, Risk-Free Billing

Some coaches ask for three or six month contracts to engage with them. Making such a commitment can feel risky, when you consider the average length of a coaching engagement nationally is only three months. Julien’s clients on average work with him up to 18 months or more, because the results they receive compound over time. The confidence Julien has in his effectiveness means he doesn’t need to lock you into a contract.


Secure and Private Communications

Exploring the obstacles that are holding you back financially, operationally, or emotionally are confidential topics. This is why privacy is extremely important to Julien. He maintains client-therapist confidentiality with all of his clients, past and present as well as employs a suite of technology tools that ensure secure and encrypted communication.

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