Life is What You Choo-Choo-Choose

An acquaintance of mine named Daniel recently discovered the real power of calling out what you want. He is a dedicated train enthusiast. You know the type, with the spare room dominated by an elaborate train set? Not only did he build model trains, but he spent a lot of time helping others solve electrical problems with their trains, logging hours in online forums with other hobbyists.

One night about six months ago, he was emailing back and forth with the support team at one of the major model train companies. They were helping him troubleshoot a problem with one of their products. Daniel, being an electrical engineer himself, had actually derived an improved solution. He emailed the company to let them in on what he discovered. On a lark, at the end of his email, he mentioned off-handedly that if they ever have need for another electrical engineer to drop him a line.

About three months later, an email appeared in his inbox from the same model train company. They had an engineering position available and would he be interested in applying? Of course, Daniel was interested! Within a month he was giving two weeks notice at his current job.

What is remarkable about Daniel’s story is not only that he secured his dream job, combining his love of engineering and trains, but that the whole chain of events was brought about from an offhanded comment. Have Daniel shied away from making the suggestion, the opportunity may never had presented itself. I love that something so life changing came from something so simple.

The answer to an unasked question is always, “No.” While the simple act of asking, or voicing what you desire, has the potential to be a “Yes.” And more times than not, it is a “yes.” How easy is it to increase your chances, with a simple expression!

They say life is all about seizing the opportunity. But for you to seize it, it’s best if you can first recognize it. The simplest way to see an opportunity is to first know what you are looking for and that comes from voicing your desires. If we cannot articulate what we want, how can we ever except it to show up?

So, what is something that you want, and have dared not spoken out loud? Do you have the courage to speak it? If not, what’s keeping you from expressing your heart’s desire?

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” — Malala Yousafzai

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