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No matter what your goals are, Julien’s focus in every session is to help you move closer to achieving them. Typically, clients who coach with him experience an increase in income, higher productivity, and improved relationships with supervisors or customers as well as the confidence and courage it takes to make your dreams reality.

Invest in Your Brain

Most people think of Executive Coaching as a premium service available only to people with a C or VP in their title, or to already high-performing entrepreneurs. However, Julien’s Executive Coaching is effective for people in any role or phase of life who want to rebuild and program the executive functions of their brain — organization, prioritization and planning, flexible thinking, self-awareness and impulse control — to be more focused, effective, creative and powerful.

Julien works with managers, leaders, closers and creators of all stripes in one-on-one or workshop settings, to help you achieve your goals with the greatest amount of productivity and flow.

Think of your mind as a computer, with all of the lessons and habits you have learned along your journey as programs, each built on top of one another. Through applied neuroscience, performance psychology, neurolinguistics, and conversational hypnosis, Julien’s coaching helps you:

  • Understand Your Goals
  • Learn Actionable Strategies
  • Channel Your Limitless Potential
  • Create the Success You Envision

Regardless of the business activity or industry, it is not uncommon for Julien’s clients to double their income within six months of working with him. These results stem from a style of coaching that brings your conscious and subconscious desires into alignment and infuses them with the power of committed action.

Some results achieved by Julien’s past clients include:

  • From zero to $250 million under management (Independent Financial Planner)
  • 12x revenue growth and 160x social media presence (Therapist turned Coach)
  • $50 million in revenue by reframing executive mindsets (Telecommunications Solutions Company)
  • 19x revenue growth within 24 months (Property Development Company)
  • Over 68% year-over-year growth for 5 years running (Public Relations and Marketing Firm)
  • Physician Surgeon to #1 Best Selling Author (Silicon Valley Assistant Department Chief)

Client results

Julien helps you really become the best version of yourself. He can see the tools and qualities you have and help you use them to get the outcome you want in relationships, business, and life.

– T. G. California, USA

Choose Your Adventure

Professional rock climbers don’t start out free-climbing. They use a belay — a support system that includes a safety rope, a harness, a special hitch and, most importantly, a trusted and skilled handler — their “belayer” — who can guide them to the next hold and give them enough slack to explore, but enough tension to feel confident and safe.

Likewise, leaders don’t just wake up one day running a company or team. They have to develop the skills and muscles of leadership over time, whether through climbing, falling, and climbing again, or under the guidance and mentorship of someone who has been there and learned what it takes to succeed.

Whatever your personal ascent looks like, Julien’s results-oriented tools and exercises help identify and overcome mental blocks that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals. You can expect coaching with Julien to feel conversational and transformative, as you unlock new layers of potential for growth and achievement.

There are many ways to work with Julien. Here are a few examples:

Level Up Your Career

Old habits — and mindsets — die hard. Typically, when we struggle to move up the corporate ladder, it’s not a lack of business acumen or technical ability that gets in our way, but our story of who we are. Advancing to the next level requires adopting the mindset, language and perspective of people at that level. Learn to communicate at the level of your new role, successfully navigate office politics and integrate the habits, skills and confidence needed to excel in the new position.

Break Out on Your Own

Sometimes we reach a moment in our careers where we want to create something of our own. Maybe you have an idea for a product or service that you want to bring into the world, but don’t know where to start. Julien can guide you on the entrepreneurial path, from honing your idea and establishing your initial offering to setting up your business operations and securing your first customers. As your company grows, his support on both business strategy and your new entrepreneurial mindset can establish your venture on a solid foundation for continued success.

Make the Most of Success

You have started, built, scaled or even sold your business. You have options in your life, and can choose where to turn your focus for fulfillment and personal satisfaction. Work with Julien to dive into your still-untapped potential, and formulate a vision of what you want to manifest next, to formulate your legacy.

A Process Grounded in Neuroscience

During your sessions, Julien will draw on a pastiche of tools, from cutting-edge business, sales, operations and communication techniques to help you address your specific goals and challenges. In addition, your sessions may include advice derived from research in social anthropology, psychology, neurology, and emotional intelligence.

Creating a Successful Coaching Relationship

Guiding principles that shape the space for success

Clarity Enables Possibility

Statistically, you are more likely to stick on your path if you understand clearly what your goal is and why you want to accomplish it. Being in the most advantageous mind for growth means uncovering any conflicting desires you might have that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals. With this knowledge, you can line up your thoughts in the same direction and make yourself an unstoppable force.

The Courage to Change

Julien’s most successful clients are those that embrace change. These people are also courageous enough to speak to the truth of what they’re experiencing, and move forward bravely into the unknown of personal growth.

In your sessions, Julien guides you to identify and amplify what is already working so you can enhance it. He also leads you to unlock new abilities and opportunities to make better decisions, elevate your communication skills, increase your leadership influence, improve your productivity, gain greater financial success, and much more.

By working on your “inner game” you will dissolve any mental roadblocks and open your pathway to success.

Personal Growth is an Inside Job

While Julien can provide you with the tools and strategies you need to achieve your goals, ultimately, your results are a reflection of your own efforts. That means showing up fully, in and outside of your sessions, committed and ready to take action towards your growth.

With Julien you will gain the knowledge, insights, and support you need to reach your fullest potential. But remember, it all starts with you. So, if you are ready to take the first step towards the success you desire, let’s get started on this journey together.

Client results

Game Changer! I was introduced to Julien after having accumulated millions in my 20s and sold my business in my 30s, and was trying to figure out what’s next and what really brought me joy. Julien dialed in immediately on what really got my juices flowing and helped me create each day as a mini masterpiece.

– R. B. Arizona, USA

What to Expect Working with Julien


Practical Tools for Tangible Results

Measurable and actionable tools will help you overcome challenges, work around issues, and reprogram your own mind so that your goals feel not simply possible, but tangible and achievable. Release your emotions, improve your memory and intellectual capacity, make more powerful and effective decisions with confidence, and become the person you choose to be.

Consistent Communication to Foster Momentum

Steady growth and progress to your goals requires continual touch points. Working with Julien, you will have a scheduled session every other week where you can learn the skills and tools you need to manifest the life you want.

Julien’s commitment to your success is not restricted by a rigid schedule. Inspiration can strike at any time, as can the need to collaborate. Julien invites you to reach out between sessions, and enjoy a fluid conversation.

Trust in Private Communications

Exploring the obstacles that are holding you back financially, operationally, or emotionally are confidential topics. That is why privacy and flexibility are extremely important to Julien. You can be certain of client-therapist confidentiality, as well as secure and encrypted communication.

Risk-Free Billing

Julien’s clients typically coach with him for years. The confidence Julien has in the effectiveness of his coaching means he doesn’t need to lock you into a contract. In fact, he won’t ask to pay for your first month of coaching until it’s completed. Afterwards, invoices will be sent at the beginning of the month, and due thirty days afterwards.

Imagine Who You Can Be

You are ready to step into your next iteration, your fullest self, and to make practical and impactful use of your unique and profound capabilities.

If you are curious to learn if Julien can be an effective coach or advisor for you, schedule your complimentary consultation. During this one hour phone or video call, you can discuss what you are looking to achieve in your life or business, learn more about Julien’s style and experience, and determine if he’s a match for you.