About Julien

Charting His Course So He Can Guide Yours

Julien’s journey has included business achievements and bereavements, building and sustaining a range of companies and enduring many lumps along the way.

Navigating the many highs and lows of his personal experience forced Julien to develop tools and techniques to create safety within himself, and in the process led him to discover his true passion, personal and professional transformation.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

Albert Camus


There and Back Again

Inquisitive by nature, Julien set out to investigate, practice and master a wealth of different psychological and spiritual tools. He became a student of Sociology, Social Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and more. He traveled the world seeking out shamans, teachers, leaders and innovators; he learned from their wisdom and collected new experiences that transformed his ideas of himself and the world.

Each time he learned new tools, he found ways to make them his own — testing, refining and combining them in new ways — then incorporated the ones that generated tangible results.

Many of these practices revealed to Julien new ways to tap the hidden potential of the mind and to clear emotional baggage and blocks. He quickly recognized that, while so many practitioners of these tools focused solely on personal development, the business applications were limitless.

Experience is always the best teacher, and Julien practices everything he preaches. He uses his range of exercises and tools personally to create potent change within himself, continually developing and refining those tools to make them as clear, targeted and effective as possible before extending them to you through his coaching. He actively participates in trainings and workshops to advance his mindset and to overlay new functional tools into his coaching relationships.

growing plants

A Life of Growth and Motion

Julien has coached over 150 professionals at Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and startups. His expertise has supported an increase in entrepreneur client revenue by over a billion dollars.

He has also delivered hundreds of workshops and speaking engagements related to leadership, sales and communication, transforming team synergy and performance. Over the course of his career, Julien has published more than 200 business leadership articles, receiving millions of views globally.

Julien is guided in part by the belief that there is always more to learn, and strives to lead a lifestyle that is continually growing and collaborating.

You’ll find Julien currently traveling North America in a 40’ Winnebago Horizon with his partner and cats. His next stop? The world, on a boat.

Client results

I now feel more grateful and joyful EVERY SINGLE day of my life. I can’t believe I lived my life without knowing the insight shared with me by Julien. After leaving a session with Julien, I always feel like the wisdom of the ages has been bestowed upon me. I couldn’t be more thankful to have Julien as my coach and friend.

R.B., Arizona, USA

Ask your doctor if working with Julien is right for you.

Common side effects include enthusiasm, insight, clear direction, renewed purpose and higher aspirations.

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