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An Advocate for Your Success

Julien’s unique outlook on executive management translates well to the boardroom. Companies appreciate having him on hand to weigh in on strategy, execution and team communication among other aspects, to ensure a thriving organization.

An Expert By Your Side

As your personal or team advisor Julien can help you:

  • Clearly define company goals, vision and mission.
  • Validate your strategy, direction and choices against those goals.
  • Make powerful, aligned decisions that move the company forward.
  • Navigate the challenges of conflicting wants and needs.
  • Ensure stakeholders and investors are considered in the decision-making process.
  • Communicate effectively with each other and the rest of the organization.
  • Scale your business, teams and products while maintaining efficiency and cohesion.
  • Attract additional investors or position your company for sale, and develop a pitch that will seal the deal.

Julien has worked with top executives in large and small companies (see Client List). He is directly or indirectly responsible for raising over $100 million of funding for his clients — and supported them in raising considerably more. He has guided eleven businesses through the M&A process, with several more currently positioning for an M&A event.

Julien is also an entrepreneur himself, having run several multi-million-dollar operations and personally experienced the highs and lows of the business roller coaster. Because not every company he has built was a runaway success, Julien understands what it takes to make a successful business and how to avoid the pitfalls that could sideline an otherwise prosperous venture.

Client results

Julien has the ability to address the personal and the professional (and the interplay between the two) has been outstanding for me. That unique perspective has helped me work out things I’ve been struggling with for years.

J. M., Seattle, Washington, USA

Leadership Support

Mark Twain famously said, “It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Your business is an extension of yourself. The strengths of your business are a reflection of your own strengths, and its limits are defined by your own boundaries of experience and your idea of what is possible.

The hardest thing about being a top executive is finding someone you can trust to have your back and keep your confidence, who will help you pinpoint your assumptions, validate your decisions and provide honest, actionable feedback that enables you to show up powerfully and effectively for your team and company.

Whether you’re starting a company, transitioning to a new stage of growth, navigating challenges or seizing opportunities, Julien’s only agenda is to help you achieve your goals and be as successful as you can be.

In one-on-one sessions or together as a group, Julien helps his clients determine what their leadership style is, what traits they want to embody, and how they want to be perceived. He provides leaders with the frameworks and tools that help them level up and lead their organizations with confidence and clear direction.

Team Workshops

Julien’s workshops can be tailored to groups of any size — typical engagements range from 20 to 200 participants. Julien and his team create materials specially customized to meet the specific needs and goals of your organization. His talks and workshops cover a variety of common business challenges including:

  • Leadership development — uncover the 4 keys to being a powerful leader in today’s dynamic business environment.
  • Sales strategies and techniques —  diagnose the specific challenges of your sales cycle, then learn tools and concepts that will jumpstart your sales team and dramatically increase their confidence and results.
  • Beyond the start-up — learn the skills needed to successfully scale your business while maintaining team cohesion and collaboration, productivity and efficiency.
  • Relationship prowess — attract and cultivate the relationships that you want in your business and personal life.
  • Right-direction decision making — tap into that intuitive, knowing part of you that has the answers to your questions, and choose your path with confidence.
  • Successful fundraising and outreach — discover how to connect with donors and build lasting trust and loyalty.
  • Time management — reduce your stress and increase your productivity.

… and more.

Your team will learn practical tools that they can apply in their day-to-day work, and which will yield tangible, measurable results. With longer engagements, Julien meets with your team regularly to check on progress, provide direct feedback and adjust the material as needed to ensure your team is getting the most benefit possible from the coaching.

To explore the idea of having Julien speak to your group, contact us today.


Common wisdom says, “It’s not what you know, but who you know that matters.” But when it comes to fundraising, you need both knowledge and connections.

Julien knows exactly how to distill the value proposition of your business into a compelling pitch that immediately generates attention and interest. He also works with investment groups who look to him to vet opportunities or introduce them to businesses seeking capital.

Through years of executive coaching, training and mentoring, Julien has developed a formidable network of influential people who listen to and — more importantly — trust him to provide exceptional advice and recommendations.

You can work with Julien to refine and polish your business model, then engage him as your fundraising engine when you’re ready to take your company to the next level.

Mergers and Acquisitions

There are few occasions more exciting — and more fraught — for a business leader than a merger or acquisition. When you’re ready to engage with a prospective buyer, you want someone on your team who has successfully helped companies navigate the process many times before.

Some notable ways in which Julien has supported his clients’ businesses include:

  • Contributing to the acquisition of a recruitment firm by their primary competitor, securing a favorable valuation multiplier for the company. 
  • Assisting a wealth manager in the sale of a $250 million book of business to an international family office. 
  • Facilitating a successful merger between three law firms resulting in the establishment of a unified, globally operating legal entity. 
  • Supporting a successful acquisition of a Silicon Valley fastener company by a leading nationwide competitor, and shepherding the company’s owner through the entire process. 
  • Boosting the valuation of a clinical trial software company by providing strategic advice in spinning off a recruiting division, laying the foundation for a merger with a major medical service provider. 
  • Playing an integral role in the seamless integration of an acquired company into Google’s corporate structure, and providing critical support to ensure a successful transition.

Invitation to Connect

The world you want to create is possible.

If you are ready to take the next step with your business and are curious to learn if Julien’s strategic advising can help you get there, we invite you to schedule a complimentary one-on-one consultation.

During the one hour call, you can discuss what you are looking to achieve in your life and business and Julien will help you understand how you can get clear on what you want. Together you will both determine whether Julien’s services are a match for you.